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Affordable SEO Package

Search Engine Optimization SEO Afordable Seo

My proven system will increase your ranking and save, save, SAVE you money!

For years SEO companies have been ripping people off over charging and promising placement.
They even want to charge you for keywords so you rank with Google.

FACT: SEO can cost upwards of $500.00 to set up and $250.00 to $20,000.00 per month!

FACT: Searches are all about "Local Searches".
FACT: Most Small Businesses are looking for customers from a smaller radius then nationwide, so why pay more.

Steps to Ranking Call 732-579-7576

1. Evaluation Report with Remedies. Fee $19.95

2. On your approval I make the changes to increase your SEO Ranking.
($175.00 ONE TIME FEE).

3. Now the savings really begin!
Each Month you are billed for Verified Clicks via
SiteMeter. ($1.00 per Click).

Cancel the Service at any time. No Contract Commitment or cancelation fee.

Rather than you paying outrageous fees of $250.00 to $2,500.00 per month. You pay $1.00 per Click!
I install a hit counter which includes the IP address, the Search Term used to find you, and an actual link to the page the viewing user saw you on.

You pay only $1.00 per verified click, The counter will show this information and you will only be billed for those.

So if you are getting 5 hits a month right now and I can bring you to 30 hits per month you only pay $30.00.

I cap the bill so if you receive more then 150 hits you will never pay more then $150.00 that month.