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Monitoring & Protection

Website Monitoring & Protection Plan

Once your website is published the site is inheritably subjected to the following:
Script Updates
Data Base Updates
Server Crash
Domain Expiration
User/Owner Edit Loss of Data
WordPress Comment Spamming

Normal Changes or Edits they may occur:
Phone Number Change
Address Change
Content Editing
Image Changes

Any of the above can affect your business. Some occurrences more severely than others.
The Web Monitoring Package can save you from all these problems and keep your site healthy and
in the public's eye.

Monthly Plan $25.95
Semi-Annual Plan $139.95 (save $15.75)
Annual Plan $195.95 (save $115.45)

Plan Includes;

Daily Back-Up of Your Website
Weekly Back-Up of Your Website
Monthly Back-Up of Your Website
Script and Data Base Updates as they come available
Monthly Virus Scan of email and all Website Directories
Constant 24 Hour Monitoring for Malicious Scripts
Malware Removal
Constant 24 Hour Monitoring for Viruses Removal
Virus Removal
Firewall Protection
Re-installation of Lost Data (from back-up)
Domain Renewal Reminder